Key Contents of Quality Control for the Next Week

With the above analysis, annual quality control plans and instructions and arrangements of general manager and deputy managers in charge, professional quality control guidance for the next week should be put forward from each department, such as perfecting standards, procedures and institutions, intensifying the management trainings, organizing field tours and inviting experts from the tourism bureau, the technique supervising bureau as well as universities to give lectures. All of these measures should not only be instructive overall but also be detailed enough to operation.

2.      Organizational Transformation—Structural Adjustment

Only when they are solidified on the corresponding organizations can the concepts and institutions achieve permanent vigor and be changed into market competitiveness. When the organizational transformation in the Dongying Hotel has reached a certain stage, it certainly involves a structural adjustment and re-allocation of human resources.

Because the reforms in terms of organization, staff and salary have already involved a benefit adjustment for everyone concerned, if the benefits cannot be dealt with properly, our work will be terminated due to a high cost in the institutional transform Rincon del tibet. Therefore, we have tried to perform well in the following three aspects; firstly, we have tried to get the support from [he superior leaders; secondly, we have tried to reach an agreement with all employees; thirdly, we have tried to make detailed operation programs.


Report Concerning Salary and Organizational Reforms in 2001 (February 2, 2001)

With great support from the Municipal Committee and Government, since November, 2000, the Reception Division of the Dongying Municipal Committee and the Dongying Hotel have been committing to a systematic reform about “ scientific management, market-oriented operation, ensuring reception with operation and promoting operation with reception”. Through a series of phases, such as publicizing, recognition unifying, planning and demonstrating and s behavior standardizing, etc ., all employees have intensified their crisis-awareness and have fully recognized the necessity and emergency of this reform. On this basis, we are preparing lo carry out a deeper reform in terms of salary, organization and allocation of human resources, so that the hotel will achieve its reform target of “establishing the framework and system of scientific management in modern reception enterprises and building the crucial competitiveness in the Dongying Hotel”. Our thoughts can be mainly summarized as follows.

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